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Friday, 6 March 2015

Some Sweet Silly & Happy Moments

A happy baby makes your home and surrounding happy. Being a parent you can share fun time with your baby which helps to grow good sense of humor in your child. A good sense of humor can helps the child to be smarter, brighter, healthier and better in handling the challenges. Similarly, playing is also an important part for child's growth. For children playing and learning go hand in hand. Playing helps to develop various skill in the child which includes hand-eye coordination, balance and other physical skills such as throwing, kicking, running, etc.  
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Being a mother I always try to keep our daughter (Aahana) active and happy. We engage her in various activities which makes her happy as well as develops her physical and motor skills. Though the activities keep on changing as she is growing elder. I remember the activities we used to do with our daughter when she is six months old are different from when she was 2 years old.

Sweet, Silly & Fun things @ six to eight months age

Animal Sounds: I remember our daughter used to love different animal sounds and she used to enjoy it. So we often used to make sounds of various animals like wow wow of dog, mew mew of cat or roaring of lion. 

Tickling: This was the best method to make her happy. We used to make 'n' numbers of gestures as well as gently tickle her on feet, chin or armpits and she used to make a giggling sound.

Sweet, Silly & Fun things @ one or two years of age

When she started walking, there were lot of things we started doing together which was a really good time pass. 

Pulling Car/Toy: I used to tie a rope/ribbon with her favourite car or toy and she used hold it and roam around the house. There was a toy which had a bell and it used to keep on ringing whenever she was pulling  that toy.

Kicking a ball: Who does not like to kick a ball? Child at this age enjoys kicking ball. So I used to give her soft and colourful ball which made her happy all those days. 

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Climbing stairs: We may get tired by climbing stairs however a child loves to go and down with stair cases. It was one of our daughters favourite game. Still she loves doing it.

Dancing: At times we dance together on her favourite rhymes or songs and she looks cheerful. 

Peek a boo: This is the most enjoyable game for her. She never gets tired playing peek a boo. 
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Apart from all these she loves solving puzzles, colouring animals or flowers, counting toys, and many more things that really make her happy. 
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However, I observed one thing she used cry at times and it was the time either when she was hungry or wet. So I understood from my experience that it is very important to feed your child on time and check if she is wet. 

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Normal diapers may look dry from outside however cannot ensure dryness inside. So you may see the diaper is not leaking still your child is unhappy. The reason could be the inside wetness bothering the child.Only the new Pampers Baby Dry Pants promises dryness for your baby on the inside as well as outside. With its Magic Gel technique it locks the moisture and helps to keep your baby dry and healthy for up to 12 hours. The baby can really enjoy his/her play time and learns lot of things.

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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Hope for a Better Tomorrow

"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence." 
                                                                                                                                (Helen Keller)

The above quote of Helen Keller is appropriate for the journey of life. We live life today and definitely hope for a better tomorrow. Optimism keeps our dreams alive and motivates us to fulfill our dream. A thought of positivity from inside makes us energetic, motivated and active. 
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Where do we get the medicine of optimism that we take and feel the positive energy around us??

No!! You can't find optimism neither in books nor in the internet. It does not come in the form of medicine too.
Optimism  can be found in our surrounding. We get inspired from small small things or incidents which becomes the motivation of our life. 
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A single source is not my story of optimism rather I get the motivation from multiple sources.  I love planting trees and a life cycle of a plant boosts my positive energy. Whenever I sow a seed in the soil, initial few days I wait for the germination of seed. Every morning I get up and go to my room balcony and carefully observe the soil to look for the germinated seed. After few days, when I see the first germination I feel really happy and wait for the first leaf to come. Similarly, after the leaf I wait for the plant to grow little more with lot of leaves and branches. Finally, I wait to see the beautiful flower which gives the seed to initiate another happy cycle. 
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 For all these day I really maintain a routine for my garden such as watering plants daily on time, applying manure and insecticide as and when required, etc. A plant life cycle in my balcony garden really boosts and motivates me towards life. It teaches me many things including patience, hard work and hope in one go.

I must share my another source of positivity. There is a group of five friends (including me) who are also a source of optimism. We were hostel mates (rather PG mates) who are from different towns and different fields (subjects). Irrespective of these differences we became friends and we shared our most beautiful time together with all happy, sad and failure stories. We know each other very well than our family members might know us. Though we have not met from edges but we still have the same bond and still we can catch each others wavelengths! 
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And now we are connected through modern technologies, so whenever I am depressed or confused I share with the group and in no time I get back on my feet and feel optimistic. They can give thousands of reason to make you feel positive. I feel lucky and blessed to have such friends in my life.
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So life is about how you see things!! Everyday sun sets down because a better tomorrow is waiting for everyone. Sun rises and enlightens the whole world with a ray of new hope and everyone must look up for a better tomorrow. 

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