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Friday, 22 May 2015

Sunrise Surprise / Mango and Papaya Juice

Isn't this glassful of juice increasing your thirst??

This is a Sunrise Surprise or simply you can say this is a combo of mango and papaya juice. The way morning sunrise boosts your energy, this glassful of sunrise surprise will also help you to kick start your day. Recently in a cookery show I had watched this juice where they had also used pineapple juice. It is named as sunrise surprise because the color of the juice resembles the sky color during sunrise. The making of this juice is very easy.

Sunrise Surprise / Mango and Papaya Juice


Papaya - 1 cup, cut into cubes
Mango - 1 cup, cut into cubes
Sugar - 2 tablespoon
Ice - Crushed (optional)


1. In a blender take papaya pieces & 1 tablespoon sugar and make a smooth paste. Open the blender and add half cup water and again blend it. Keep it aside.

2. Now take mango pieces and sugar and repeat the same process.

3. Take a long glass and pour the mango juice first. Now take a spoon and hold it in inverted position. While pouring the papaya juice in glass, pass the juice over this inverted spoon. It helps to separate both the layers. Finally you can add crushed ice on top. I avoided to add ice. 

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Mango Mousse in Chocolate Cups

Weekend was really very busy! We had planned for some work on Saturday and a movie on Sunday. But life does not go the way you plan which is absolutely true. Saturday morning it was cloudy and then started raining which continued throughout the day, till evening. So there was no mood to go out and we had call off all our work. I remember in my childhood we used to enjoy the first rain of monsoon but after coming down to Bangalore I avoid getting wet in the rain. Otherwise the dry cough does not want to leave me for a month or so.

Sunday we went for a Bollywood Hindi movie Piku. Together we went for a movie after 3 to 4 years. This was the first time I took my little one with me. I was worried whether she would allow me to sit till end? Thankfully, yes, she got another friend in the movie hall and started playing quietly. Sunday evening we had invited one of our newly wed couple for dinner. Menu was vegetable biryani,  hariyali paneer tikka, grilled chicken and mango mousse serve in chocolate cups (edible chocolate cups). I am part of various facebook foodie groups and there I have seen many home chefs making these edible chocolate cups. One of my co-blogger Beulah had also shared edible chocolate cups earlier. It was in my to-do list and finally I have prepared it successfully and filled with mango mousse, got lot appreciation from our guests.

Edible Chocolate Cups


Chocolate Compound - 100 gms, grated (I have used milk chocolate)
Small Plastic Tea Cups - 5 to 6 numbers


1. Take grate chocolates in a bowl and using double boiler method melt the chocolate. You can also use microwave oven to melt chocolate. In double boiler method, take a pan (bigger)filled half with water. Now keep a steel ring in the bigger pot to keep the small bowl on it. When the water boils in the big pan, it transfers the heat to the small bowl which helps to melt the chocolate without burning it.

2. Now take 2 tablespoon  of the melted chocolate and pour in the plastic cups. Using a silicon brush spread the melted chocolate in all over the cup (just like painting with water colour). Allow it to cool and put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

3. Take out the chocolate coated cups and check if the light passing through. If yes, coat the cups with another layer of melted chocolate carefully. Again put them in refrigerator for cooling and settling down.

4. Finally, take them out and using scissor cut the outer plastic shell and your chocolate cups are ready to eat. You can use them to serve any kind of mousse or light snacks like fried boondi or mixture or fruit salsa.

Mango Mousse (Quantity for 5 to 6 small cups)


Mango - 1 cup pulp ( I have used Alphonso Mango)
Heavy Cream - 1 cup ( Used Milky Mist)
Sugar - 3 tablespoon
Agar agar - 2 tablespoon
Water - 2 tablespoon


1. Cut mangoes into block and make a smooth paste in blender. Now in a pan heat the mango pulp with sugar until the sugar dissolves. Allow it to cool.

2. In a bowl take heavy cream and whip the cream using hand blender. Stop beating when it reaches semi highest peak.

3. Now on the other hand, take agar agar (china grass) and add 2 tablespoon water. Keep it for 10 minutes and after that heat the bowl until the agar agar dissolves.

4. Add the dissolved agar agar and mango pulp into the cream and beat to reach highest peak. Keep it inside the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

5. You can serve it to the dessert bowl and keep it inside the refrigerator till you serve. Since I had prepared edible chocolate cups, I served mango mousse in edible chocolate cups. 

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